VegVegan News

October 2016


The Republic of Costa Rica

A farming partner

If you have ever enjoyed a cup of Star Bucks coffee or feasted on a Dole pineapple or Chiquita banana perhaps added to a tropical smoothie, more than likely it was imported from a grower in the Republic of Costa Rica.  Del  Monte and its family of companies are also major importers of Costa Rican fresh fruits and vegetables.

VegVegan traveled to Costa Rica in late August curious to know where our gardens grow during the winter months.  Located approximately 4 1/2 hours (flying time) south of New York City, and with year round tropical weather makes this country ideal for bringing non-seasonal fruits and vegetables to our tables.

Agriculture is second only to tourism in this eco-friendly Central American country, where Papaya trees are as native as Birch trees are to the Northeastern United States.  Other popular imports are corn, potatoes, rice, beans and sugar cane, which is processed mainly into ethanol and then exported back to Costa Rica where it is used as a major source of fuel for agricultural operations.  The country practices sustainable farming methods through crop rotation, organic farming, rainwater irrigation and declares to be completely carbon free by 2021.    Our recipe of the month is fresh papaya fruit salad Costa Rican style.


Fresh Papaya Fruit Salad





Walnuts and or shredded coconut

Add sugar or honey if desired

Rinse and remove seeds from the papaya, sliced and diced to desired serving size.

One cup per serving

Repeat with pineapple and guava

Slice grapes into halves

Mix in pure cane sugar or honey if desired and toss lightly

Sprinkle chopped walnuts and or shredded coconut on top.

It’s loaded with dietary fiber, vitamin C, B6 and Omega 3, so eat and enjoy.



El Coco, Costa Rica