The Vegetarian Mix


 Where do you fit in?

Flexitarian/Semi-Vegetarian, Lacto-vegetarian, Lacto-Ovo-vegetarian Ovo-vegetarian, Pescatarian, and Vegan are terms that describe the eating habits of the many groups of vegetarians.  Where you fit in is a matter of personal choice.  VegVegan is not here to judge or to act as your nutritionist.  We only want to aid in your journey and understanding of the importance of eating healthy foods.

When we introduce a recipe, it will be labeled plant-based, vegan, plus eggs, dairy, or fish inclusive.  In most cases, recipe ingredients will consist of fruits, vegetables, grains, or beans and labeled Lacto (no eggs), Ovo (no-dairy), Lacto-Ovo (no eggs or dairy), Pescatarian (fish) and Vegan (no animal products). The most common form of vegetarian is Flexitarian/Semi-Vegetarian, which includes a diet of more fruit and vegetable awareness.

What’s most attractive about the latter form is that it accommodates a larger group of vegetarians.  The truth of the matter is that clinical research has proven that food impacts health and any shift towards a more plant-based diet that consists of eating more fruits and vegetables will improve our overall health.

Because nutrients in the food we eat provide essential information to our bodies that aid in the fight to prevent illness and disease. An excellent balanced plant-based diet consumed in the right amounts will help to sustain good health and ensure longevity, especially when coupled with exercise and a wellness program prove to be essential keys to a good life.

VegVegan welcomes you to come along for the experience as we continue to explore in-depth the importance of healthy eating along with topics on balance, variety, and moderation as they pertain to the vegetarian lifestyle. So, there is more to come.t

Have a question, just ask and we will answer it.  Thanks.